Environment responsibility


Environmental Policy

Protection of environment and surroundings are receiving enhanced attention and are creating inseparable parts of MCT activities. Thorough Declaration of Environmental Policy, the company pledges to follow constantly valid norms and guidelines:

1. The company is committed to:

a) Satisfy valid legislative and interrelated rightful requirements in area of environment.

b) Improve attitude toward environment together with regular evaluation, of this attitude, in environmental profile of the company.

c) Company will follow principle of continuous renewable development.

2. The company will keenly approach protection of environment through regular evaluation of norms and environmental impacts related to business activities.

3. Implementation of ecologically friendly technologies upon investment into development of industrial processes (minimal impact on environment).

4. Newly installed production unites and equipment will comply with present and future environment protection norms.

5. To reduce negative environment impact - through lowering energy consumption, in nonrenewable resources.

6. To lessen negative environment impact, to reduce consumption of nonrenewable resources through industrial waste reduction and waste recycling.

7. Through continuous development of environmental awareness and guidance, of all employees, the company will prevent creation of negative consequences (environmental risks and health hazards).

8. The company will have actively influenced its suppliers that they will, within the frame of their services and products, prioritize environment friendly technologies.

9. In cooperation with regional offices and special interest groups respect state and regional environmental policy/legislature.

10. Provide information, through an open dialog with the interest groups, in regard to recognized goals and results coming from environmental programs.