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Magna Cartech







Magna Cartech in Ceske Velenice suffers lack of space for storage and dispatch of finished stamped and welded products already for several years. New production technologies requested space and storage had to be outsourced in distance of 40, respectively 60 km. It is not easy to manage it and it incurs substantial extra costs.     


In April 2011 the situation started to change. COSMA and MID agreed on extension of the existing MCT site for 18 058 m2. And construction of new logistic building of 100 m x 62 m and approx. 10 m high started.


HOCHTIEF CZ  and Bohemia Constructiva Graf,  contracted construction companies, prepared structure of the building of reinforced concrete columns. And now they cover it by insulated sandwich panels. There appears warehouse area 7 m high which is going to be equipped with 8 cargo docks and three base for side loading.


In November  2011 the building will be handed over to MCT logistic team, outsourcing of storage terminated and respective savings achieved.