Open Door Policy and Hot Line


Prosperity of an enterprise depends, among others, on proper and open communication between employees and their management.  Open communication improves work climate, employees satisfaction and motivation, making enterprise more efficient.

It is why Magna Cartech is actively striving to take advantage of Open Door Policy.  By this, we want to ensure open communication with management regarding employees’ requirements, problems, worries, and suggestions.


If a person has a matter/problem, unsolved by Open Door Policy, he/she can phone so-called Hot Line. Hot Line is served by personnel of the Global Personnel Department of Magna.  Workers of the Hot Line will be helpful to employees to solve their affaires and problems confidentially.   Absolute confidentiality and anonymity is assured by workers of the Hot Line.



Employees Opinion Survey, performed yearly by Magna International - in all its factories, provides results, which are analyzed with utmost attention.