Students and university graduates


Magna Cartech is providing:

For students:

·         Scholarship for students in selected fields (area of mechanical engineering preferred)

·         Practical training experience inland and abroad

·         Practical training during studies

·         Graduation theses – wide range of topics

For graduates:

·         Trainee programs (usual duration is 4 months)

·         Internships abroad

WE ARE SEARCHING for university graduates - preferably with technical background in following areas: 

·         Technical department (design engineers,implementation of new parts into serial production)

·         Production technology(specialists in welding or stamping)

·         Tool shop (operators and programmers - CNC machine)

·         Quality control, logistics, and purchasing (quality control engineers, production planners, supply chain managers, logistical procedures specialists, etc.)

If interested, please contact Personnel Department of Magna Cartech.